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To medicate or not to medicate? That is the question.

Jelibeans very often get very anxious and scared,  others are easily distracted finding concentrating a bit of a problem too! There is a group of  jelibeans that  find pyscho-stimulants such as Ritalin works for them.  It keeps them on track and aids with learning. Mostly though it is only AD/HD that generally are medicated. But what about those  with a diagnosis of Autism or Aspergers Syndrome? Stress is a jeli thing and I am afraid no one is exempt! Sadly it is becoming more common to medicate with anti-depressants and mood altering drugs. However we have discovered something else that appears to work just as well if not better: it is natural and can be used on everyone if they need it!!  It's name?


We strongly advise that you check with your doctor before medicating with anything. Jelibean can only comment on individual anecdotes and support it with the necessary evidence (please see beneath for links to clinical trials now complete).


Diet and Food

Most jelibeans love sugar and carbohydrates? Tea with your sugar? Main course or pudding? Or is your house like mine littered with sweetie papers?


Autism and the Genes

Q. So how do you get it? Can you catch it or did I do something wrong when my child was a baby? I blame myself.

A. No you can't catch ASCs nor can you contaminate your child with mercury or any other chemical! Nor is it 'caused' by vaccines, although some vulnerable children sometimes have a feverish reaction to some vaccines.



Anxiety, Worries and Stress

Jelibeans get very anxious and scared, some jelibeans find pyscho-stimulants works for them.

But if medication is not appropriate for your child or you just don’t like the idea of it, there is a little pot of magic called PhosphatidylSerine?