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SENSES AND PERCEPTION how does it affect your jelibean?

So what does ‘Sensory’ and ‘Perception’ mean? Where is it? What does it look like? How does it work? I will explain by using some analogies so don’t take me literally ok?

Many people think that there are only FIVE senses, hearing, touch, taste, smell and vision…wrong there are more! The whole body is a massive sensory organ, our skin which covers every part of us is the largest. Our nose, mouth, eyes, ears are part of a much bigger picture.

You are a basically a skin bag of very sensitive tiny dots, each dot is a different colour AND a different temperature AND each has its own unique job. Some of these dots if touched HURT whilst others will prevent you from hurting! Some will make you purr with delight. ALL of these tiny dots give you a SENSATION, every one of them different to the other. Confused…imagine how a jelibean feels! Our noses, eyes, hands, feet, mouths, ears, SKIN! The sensory system is literally ALL of us, you can’t get away from it. And since the skin holds our insides in…it can affect our insides too!



For some of us EYE CONTACT is painful. We feel most uncomfortable looking at someone straight in the eyes. Our eyes wander around the room. Perhaps you don't think we are listening? Sometimes we may not be but for the majority of the time WE HEAR YOU! Just because we choose to look at the clock, doesn't mean we are not interested - honestly.



Some jelibeans although they may have difficulty 'listening' have super acute 'hearing'. They hear everything from a ticking clock  in another room to the gentle whirring of a fan .....and it could be for them - PAINFUL.

Some jelibeans have HYPERACUSIS a hypersensitivity involving sound.



This sense can also be super sensitive and cause all sorts of problems for a jelibean. Smell is very powerful and can evoke all sorts of memories in all of us. However for some jelibeans the sense of smell is so powerful that merely shopping and smelling someone's aftershave in the shopping mall can make them feel very poorly, sometimes physically sick. Some smells become so vile and so pungent that it stops or prevents jelibeans from living a full and free life. Many are not able to cope with being in particular buildings or places just because they don't smell right.



Food fads? Preference for the same food ALL of the time? Forgets to eat? Eats all the time? Yes all those and more can be pretty common for a jelibean.

The sense of taste and the sensatation of certain textures are often highly acute in a jelibean. Not only that but presentation combined with smell and texture makes the sense of taste a particularly complex one.....for a jelibean.