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'The Diary' an essential accessory for a jelibean.


Welcome to the Friends and Relationships section. A jamboree bag of ideas and tips that may help identify and keep friends. We will be adding to this section regularly and as it is such a massive subject it will keep us busy.

There isn't just one use for a diary!Diaries are the essential on trend accessory for jelibeans. Perhaps not ONE but TWO....just in case. A diary is a very useful tool and has more than one use as you will soon see!

A jelibean and their memory are easily parted....we forget that our sister is getting married and turn up a week late to the venue but we remember the day we bumped our heads in primary school 30yrs ago! Diaries are not just a record of where we have to be on a particular day at a particular time. They are valuable tools that will allow a jelibean 'thinking time'.



How to say NO!

NO, NO, NO, NO..................what a tiny word, not exactly hard to pronounce! Not hard to remember - so why do so many jelibeans have a problem with the word no? And why do we find it so difficult? Some jelibeans CAN'T say NO whilst others say NO all the time!

Let's look at those who find NO difficult to say first......

Saying no to a 'friend' who you like very much and wish to keep is a real dilemma. What if that friend decides NOT TO BE YOUR FRIEND if you say NO? What will people think of us if we say NO? Will we be regarded as not very nice if we say NO?



If you were a car? What would you be on the motorway we call life?

This article is a variation on a theme of the rocket chart. It will help your jelibean find out who they are and who their friends are. Here we explore other ways that we can help our children find out who they are and where they are going in life. This article is very literally a ROAD MAP involving a motorway.

If your little jelibean is too old to do a Rocket Chart or just doesn't fancy it, then don't despair as there is always another way. It's understandable that there are some children who are either too old to be bothered with Rockets or that don't like that idea. Don't bother to try and argue, if a jelibean has decided that they don't want to do something, DON'T force the situation.

Motorways work equally well. Liken life to the motorway closest to you. Life on the Motorway can be very dangerous indeed especially for the scared little jelibean.

The driver of the car is the one who is responsible for getting from A to B in as safe and direct way as possible. Most children like cars, even the girls, especially if its a pink or black Mini convertible, with a really neat CD player and shiny alloys. I am sure it doesn't take much imagination for your child to identify their own self as a car. Would it be the T Reg Escort, the Silver one with the gold go-faster stripes, the alloys and sound system that cost more than the car is worth?


How to do a ROCKET chart/find friends and keep them!



Jelibean has designed a unique way to help those on the autism spectrum identify who their friends are. The 'Rocket Chart' not only aids identification but also identifies who they trust and with whom they feel safe. Sometimes there will be people that we 'think' are our friends but in reality the truth may be different.

Establishing special friends who understand us and love us can sometimes be difficult for jelibeans. All you need is paper, colouring pencils, half an hour and a willing jelibean. This excercise is not only a valuable mapping tool but it encourages one to one time with someone special. For older children and adults Jelibean have devised a 'mobile phone' chart and a 'motorway chart'. To watch our quirky powerpoint please see social-brain-and-rocket-charts-presentation