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Do more boys than girls have a diagnosis?

Q. Is it easier to get a diagnosis for a boy as there seem to be more boys diagnosed?

A. It is true that proportionally more boys are diagnosed but only because boys present differently. More is written seemingly on boys than girls. But trust me we girlies are catching up!

What's the difference between Aspergers and Autism?

Q. Name me one difference between Autism and Aspergers?

A. There is no delayed speech with Aspergers Syndrome and often these children will seem like little professors with inappropriate quite grown up speech at an early age. Children with Classic Autism will often present with delayed speech or sometimes children will present as mute.

Is there a cure for ASC's?

Q.Is there a cure for ASC’s?

A. No….but before you run for the hills…it’s not what it seems! A jelibean is born a jelibean and nothing you can do can change it! Once a bean always a bean. But there is nothing wrong or scary , it is just a way of life. Life would be boring if we were all the same. ASC’s are hardwired and no amount of trying can change it……..and nor would Jelibean want that.

Autism the BUZZ word of the decade?

Q. So why are we all of a sudden hearing about it everywhere. Every paper, magazine article seems to carry a story? The ‘older’ generations say they never had it in their day.

A. Official diagnosis has only been around since the early 1990’s. Aspergers Syndrome is a very ‘new’ discovery although Classic Autism has been around for slightly longer. Jelibean believes that although the discovery may be recent, autism origins go back in time many decades. But only recently have we had a ‘name’.

Continents and differences

Q. I am in Australia and my sister is in United Kingdom, how come everything is done so differently?

A. Every country is different, indeed States, Counties and Districts within countries  will be working on a different programmes. It is always best to check up on what YOUR district/area can offer.

Q.What do doctors base their diagnosis on? Are there any medical tests that can say one way or the other?

A. There is a special clinicians handbook. It is called DSM1v. Included in that are the criteria that doctors use to assess for ASC. There are also psychological testing methods that are commonly used. Most diagnosis have to be made by someone specialised in ASC.