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Food fads? Preference for the same food ALL of the time? Forgets to eat? Eats all the time? Yes all those and more can be pretty common for a jelibean.

The sense of taste and the sensatation of certain textures are often highly acute in a jelibean. Not only that but presentation combined with smell and texture makes the sense of taste a particularly complex one.....for a jelibean.

Cravings for certain foods that may not be very healthy is another common denominator in the way a jelibean eats. Many prefer to snack on fast food living their lives going from burger bar to pizza parlours. Sugar and Carbohydrate are favourites with fruit and vegetables sadly sitting at bottom of the list. Some jelibeans will only eat a particular colour of food. One child jelibean knows won't eat anything if it isn't ORANGE! Other children may try and AVOID green foods just because they are green.

Texture is as important as taste. Marmalade with peel added to it can send a jelibean into meltdown. For others it could be lumps. It can affect a jelibean from birth. Many jelibabies are weaned on yoghurts and desserts due to the creamy smooth texture. Some jelibeans will refuse to eat a meal if hot and cold foods are presented on one plate.

Dairy products always appear to to go down well with a jelibean (unless of course they have an allergy!). Cheese disappears in our house and it isn't just the kids who are the culprits, it's me aswell! As a child my main diet was mashed potato (with NO lumps) covered with grated cheese and a well known brand of ketchup (no other red sauce would do!).

Eating out - can be a nightmare! Why bother if it causes your jelibean to go into meltdown. Many families try not to go out to cafe's and restaurants it is just too much trouble. Noone enjoys themselves and you all end up with a headache and an empty wallet.

Eating disorders can also be associated with the Autism Spectrum. Please see your doctor or take advice if you suspect this to be the case.

Food issues are plentiful and if you are experiencing life with a fussy feeder, please ask yourself why? Diets are difficult to enforce with some children. There diets are so limited that anything other than what they like is unacceptable. A child with Oppositional Defiant Disorder will more than likely refuse to participate. Some diets require very strict monitoring and often don't help. It's just a jelibean thing. The secret is introducing new foods GENTLY! Only one food at a time please, we find anything more ovewhelming, which could push us into meltdown.


You could have a jelibean who eats EVERYTHING in sight. Restocking the cupboards with goodies only for them to be emptied the same day is all pretty standard for some jelibeans. It is not uncommon for parents to report that they have to hide food OR lock it away!

So you see, anything different is 'normal' for a jelibean!